Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos

Another morning has dawned on the white-decorated Mykonos. The pearl of the Cyclades has woken up and it’s getting ready for a new day. And thus, we start our next excursion, the Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos. So, after we have our breakfast at the hotel, we depart by car for the beach of Ornos, where our vessel is located, so that we may begin our journey and explore the beaches of Mykonos.

The Beach Safari is a cruise to the best southern beaches of the island. Starting with Ornos beach, where we drop anchor, continuing with Psarrou beach, sailing to the beach of Agia Anna, cruising to the Cape of Scorpio, then Paraga beach, the Paradise, the Super Paradise, the Agrari and lastly the beach of Elia. But, let us begin our journey from Ornos.

The beach of Ornos is located in front of the homonymous small fishing village, about 2.5 kilometers south of the Town of Mykonos and is the closest beach of Mykonos. Currently, it is one of the busiest places on the island. From this beach, we begin our adventure, the Beach Safari, and we head to Psarrou.

Sailing towards Psarrou beach, which is famous for attracting many celebrities from all around the world. It is a well-organized sandy beach with crystalline waters and manages to attract thousands of visitors each summer. There, we will also find the distinguished beach restaurant Nammos.

Arriving at Agia Anna beach we come across a tranquil sandy beach. The luxurious restaurant-bar: Agia Anna Restaurant-Bar.

Continuing with Paraga beach, where we are greeted by the Cape of Scorpio. There, we meet the well-known “Scorpio”, another restaurant, which is built with the Ancient Agora as a basis. A bustling, expensive place where many celebrities sunbathe, dine and drink.

After Paraga Beach we arrive at Paradise, which is famous for the best parties of the Mediterranean. It is almost 6 kilometers away from Mykonos Town and it is one of the well-known beaches in Greece. The beach always manages to mesmerize the youth, famous or not and is available day and night.

A bit further away we can find Super Paradise which, along with Paradise, create the “This is party time” vibe in Mykonos. All the young people in the world wish, at least for once in their lifetimes, to find themselves in a party in the area, where they will meet seductive figures dancing on the bar under the sounds of many hits of the international music scene.

The beaches Agrari and Elia are the last beaches that we will visit, there we will find contrast. Two beaches, one close to the other, but so different. Agrari beach is calmer, not so well-known but well enough organized, in contrast with the famous Elia beach,  recommended for underwater diving, which is very well-coordinated with many beach umbrellas and deckchairs. The beach of Elia offers a variety of choices for good food and coffee. Also, it features facilities for water sports. It is a lot quieter relatively to Paradise and Super Paradise.

At the end of our trip and if the weather permits it, we will make one last stop. We will anchor at Little Venice to enjoy the scarlet red sunset. Little Venice consists of houses of many colors with their foundations laid at the water’s edge. When the sun sets in the sea, the golden-crimson rays make these mansions look fairytale-like. It is truly an astonishing spectacle that will compensate us for any discomfort or weariness that we feel.

With this otherworldly experience, our excursion comes to an end. We wait for you to enjoy it this summer.

Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos