Mykonos Boat Trips


Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos

Another morning has dawned on the white-decorated Mykonos. The pearl of the Cyclades has woken up and it’s getting ready for a new day. And thus, we start our next excursion, the Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos. So, after we have our breakfast at the hotel, we depart[…]

Excursion Delos Rineia

In Delos and Rineia with MykonosBoatTrips

One of the excursions that follow the summer fever of the summer vacation in Mykonos using our yachts, is the Delos Rineia trip.  Starting with Delos…  We depart from Mykonos  in the break of the day and we sail on the sea westward until the Apollonian light that emits from[…]

Yachts and boat trips in Mykonos

From Yachts History to Boat Trips in Mykonos

The evolution of yachts through the ages. Let’s dive into centuries and learn… Yachts, originating from the Dutch term “Jagen”, which means “chase” or “hunt”, the word yacht usually refers to a small, agile vessel that is excellent for small trips and quick crossings. Initially, in distant history, many centuries[…]