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Scuba Diving


One of the excursions that follow the summer fever of the summer vacation in Mykonos using our yachts, is the Delos Rineia trip.
Starting with Delos…
We depart from Mykonos in the break of the day and we sail on the sea westward until the Apollonian light that emits from the island of the God enchants us like the Sirens did with Odysseus and compels us to anchor and visit Delos.

Off Road Driving

Enjoy the largest full moon of the summer from the unique beautiful Mykonian sea.
As it rose above the water, it looked like a flying saucer. The full moon was so magnificent, we felt that if the speedboat got any closer, we’d be able to touch it. We were speeding across the sparkling sea on the Full Moon Boat Safari. We choose a divine destination: Delos, the isle of the moon goddess Artemis. As we gently circled it, gazing at the ruins gleaming under Artemis’ moon, we felt transported to another realm. Will you meet us under the moonlight?


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