From Yachts History to Boat Trips in Mykonos

The evolution of yachts through the ages. Let’s dive into centuries and learn…

Yachts, originating from the Dutch term “Jagen”, which means “chase” or “hunt”, the word yacht usually refers to a small, agile vessel that is excellent for small trips and quick crossings.

Initially, in distant history, many centuries back, that meant a fully equipped vessel, that was smaller than a pinnace but big enough to be fully decked. That type of vessel was initially used as a lightweight. Quick sailboat that the Dutch navy built to chase after pirates and transgressors around and inside the Low Countries’ Fjords, where the waters are shallow.

Yachts are vessels that have a deck and cabins. They pump little water and are ideal for short trips. But, tracing back from history the yachts were the vessels that many explorers of the 17th century chose. Spacious enough to accommodate many men, as well as supplies capable to sustain them and fresh produce to avoid scurvy. Those yachts were fast, agile and buoyant. Ideal for exploring uncharted waters. Not only were they exceptionally good as exploration vessels, but they played a crucial role in naval battles and wars.

Constructing a yacht is a sophisticated task that requires keeping a close watch. Great attention to detail and strong bonds between the shipyards and the designers.  Engineers so that when the task is complete, the yacht is exactly what the customer asked for, in every detail of it. To be seaworthy, nimble and fast.

Many people have a dream, to travel to the Mykonos with a private yacht, with the sun behind their backs and the turquoise sea shining like emeralds all around them.

By having a holiday resort in a certain place in the world, wherever that is, you are out of fashion. That place after some time becomes increasingly dull. Furthermore, let’s examine the possible climate limitations. The political stability (or instability) and the economy in the country that formerly you fell in love with and decided to build or purchase a holiday resort in. Many people nowadays invest in yachts either by purchasing them or by renting them, for their vacation. This buoyant cottage is mobile and can accommodate whole families. Enabling them to witness the world with their loved ones and with the amenities of a 5-star floating hotel.

In the most beautiful jewel of the Cyclades is where you will find our company. Among others and you will prefer us because we can give you exactly what you ask for. Whatever you want and however you want it. In Mykonos, the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean, we are certain that we can fulfill your every wish. So, we wait for you, for another summer to make your vacation dreamy and fulfilling, by renting our yachts.

From Yachts History to Boat Trips in Mykonos