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Enjoy one of the most popular destination in Europe and discover the magic mykonian world !!!

Mykonos is famed as a cosmopolitan destination among the Greek islands and widely recognised as one of the great travel meccas. It is one of the most touristed islands in the Aegean. This means that visitors should be prepared for loud dance clubs on parts of the island and also for the beautiful beaches with the amazing underwater world and the watersports !!!

1st Day : MykonosUpon your arrival at the airport you will be met by your driver for a private transfer to your hotel.

Rest of the day at leisure.

2nd Day : Cruise to Ancient  Dilos and Rhinia island for Snorkelling and Subwing expierence.

After breakfast you will meet your private guide in your hotel lobby and you will depart to the port of Ornos . At the dock the captain will welcome you and you will board for a cruise to the island Dilos , one of the largest archeological site in Europe.
Next stop in our cruise are Rhinia island , were we will have the chance to enjoy the amazing cristal clear water by Snorkeling and Subwing . A light lunch will follow with the chance to rest and sunbathe.
Early in the evening we will return to Ornos bay and you will be transferred to your hotel.

3rd Day : Scuba Diving

At noon you will be transferred from your hotel to the port of Ornos to depart for your Scuba diving experience.
Our excursion will be concluded early in the evening .

4th day : Beach Safari

After breakfast you will meet your private guide in your hotel lobby and you will depart to the port of Ornos . At the dock the captain will welcome you and you will board for a cruise to the Beach Safari exploration !!!
Today beach – hopping is in order. We will explore all the south Mykonian beaches , crowded or not , combining swimming  , Snorkelling and Subwing.
There can be a choise of a light lunch on board or you can visit one of the best sea restaurant  <<spilia>> (Cave ) on your own expense .

5th Day : After the breakfast your private guide will transfer you to the airport.

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Mykonos – Delos & Rhenia Islands

One of the excursions that follow the summer fever of the summer vacation in Mykonos using our yachts, is the Delos Rineia trip.
Starting with Delos…
We depart from Mykonos in the break of the day and we sail on the sea westward until the Apollonian light that emits from the island of the God enchants us like the Sirens did with Odysseus and compels us to anchor and visit Delos.

There, on the island, Delos, the isle of the God of the Eternal and Inextinguishable Light is where our first stop, coming from Mykonos, is. There, we will marvel at the archaeological site of the island. A World Cultural Heritage Site.

Delos is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, children of Zeus and Leto. Later, it became the headquarters of the amphictyony (an ancient religious association of Greek tribes) of the Aegean islands. After the Greco-Persian Wars, it became the headquarters of the Delian League and its treasury.

What can we find in Delos?
The archaeological site and the Archaeological Museum of Delos, the Agora of the “Hermaistes” or “Competaliastes”, the Temple of the Delians, the Minoan Fountain, the Marble Lions, the Establishment of the Poseidoniasts from Beirut, the theater, the Temple of Isis and the Temple of Hera…

Continuing with the virgin isle of Rineia…
Rineia is a small island close to Mykonos and almost “stuck” to Delos. In the past, it had a rich history and it linked its name with the neighboring island of Delos. The old residents of Mykonos still identify the islands as one and call them by the name of “Deles” (the plural of Delos).

Rineia is an uninhabited island of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to a complex of islands that includes, as before mentioned Delos and Mykonos. It has an irregular shape and a narrow, low isthmus divides it into two chunks of about the same size.

Glyfada, Stena, Lia, and Ampelia are just some of the most known beaches on the island. You need to visit them, but only by yacht. The sea there has a turquoise color that seems to change as you approach the shore.

We return with our luxurious vessel. There, where the sunset is now visible and the saffron-yellow Sun, the symbol of the God, Apollo of Delos approaches the sea to paint it with the colors of the kings of this land. There, where the turquoise sea starts to bleed king Odysseus’ tears from when he arrived at the island of God Aeolus after his many sufferings on his way through the Mediterranean. There, is where we end up after this trip. In our lodgings, on the white-decorated island of Aeolus, Mykonos, to enjoy our dinner under the last sunlight of the day.

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The leading agent of luxury marine services in Mykonos

Mykonos Boat Trips is the leading agents of luxury marine services in Mykonos island.

We offer our yachts for your pleasure and we assure relaxation and comfort while cruising through the deep blue clear waters of Aegean sea.

Mykonos Boat Trips has been providing the services and support to many clients since 2002, making a name in the industry and receiving positive feedback by the many clients. We provide both marine services and catering for a one in a life experience.

The trips we offer are always top quality and design to meet your needs.

All our yachts are unique and luxurious that will bring you on a journey of endless discovery and unparalleled immersion.

Private yachting is a lifestyle unlike any other, and one that few get the opportunity to experience.

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A luxury yacht charter vacation is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and set out on an adventure to explore the far beaches of the Mykonos Island.
Built for power, durability and endurance, explorer charter yachts are capable of venturing to places few people get to experience and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for charter yachts.

There is a wide and varying range of equipment stored on board charter yachts that are perfect for luxury exploration vacations.  Although primarily built for durability, explorer charter yachts still retain the luxury and comfort of yacht accommodation to retreat to after a day full of adventure.

A luxury yacht charter is a truly liberating experience like no other, offering a feeling of freedom and escapism unsurpassed by any other vacation. A yacht allows you to explore the Mykonos’s most spectacular destinations in unparalleled comfort and luxury.
Imagine looking out from the deck of your luxury charter yacht to perfect havens of sand while enjoying a delicious al fresco breakfast to your own requirements. At your own request, the crew can prepare the watersports equipment, from jet-skis to inflatables, for a couple of hours of adrenaline-pumped fun out on the aegean waves. Come across some colourful reefs in invitingly warm waters that are too hard to resist, just let the crew know and they will unpack the snorkelling or diving gear and you are free to delve in and explore the underwater world. Or you could just relax on a sunpad in the warmth of the sundeck whilst a crew member brings you a cocktail from the bar.

The choice is yours.

The leading agent of luxury marine services in Mykonos


Through the Centuries

According classical mythology, the Giants killed by Hercules in a fierce battle, are buried on the island under imposing blocks of mykonian granite. The name “Mykonos”, somewhat pejoratively, means a mass of stones’ or a rocky place; a later tradition attributes the name of the island to a hero by the name of Mykonos, the son of the king of Delos, Anios, who was the son of Appolon and nymphe Rhoio- a descendent of Dionysus.

The Kares and Phoenicians may have been the first inhabitants of Mykonos, but lonians from Athens were established colonists and in control of the island by around 1000 B.C, having expelled the previous occupants. Historical sources confirm the following: in ancient times there were two towns on the island; in 490B.C, the Persian generals Datis and Artaphemes made a brief stopover in Mykonos; It was a poor island with limited agricultural resources. In ancient, pantheistic times, Dionysos, Demetra, Zeus, Appolon, Poseidon and Heracles were the principle gods worshiped here. Later in history the island belonged to the Romans and subsequently to the Byzantines, who have fortified the island against the Arab raids of the 7th century, kept control of it until the 12th century.

After the fall of Constantinople, at the end of the 4th Crusade (1204), the island was occupied, as their seigneur (stronghold) by Andrea and JeremiaGhisi-relativesofDandolo, – the Doge of Venice. In 1292 it was looted and pillage by the Catalans, and, subsequently, in 1390, given over to the Venetians, in 1390, by the last of the Ghizi overlord. In 1537, while still under Venetian domination, the island suffered a catastrophic attack by Barbarossa, the admiral of Souleiman the Magnificent Later, under Kapudan Pasha, the head of the Ottoman fleet the island is practically self-governed, according to the system of the period, by a functionary called a “voivode” and a council (body of “syndics”) who always tried to

maintain an equal distance from both Turks and Venetians (the last of whom withdrew definitively from the region, in 1718, after the fall of the castle of Tinos to the Ottomans).

The popular of the Mykonos (which during modem rimes has fluctuated, generally from 2000 to 5000 people) was increased by colonies of immigrants (from nearby island and as well as from Crete) during rime of starvation and epidemics which often followed the periods of conflict until the late 18th century.

The Mykonos, who throughout the same period were known as excellent sailors, were successful in trade and shipping and, also, piracy was not unheard of… Many islanders were active in the “Orlof Insurrection” (led by the Orloff brothers, 1770-74), which resulted favorably, for them as well as for Catherine the Great in, due to the very profitable treaties concerning trade between the Ottomans and the Russian Empire.

Soon after the out break the Greek

Revolution 1821, the Mykonians, roused and led by the lady Mando Mavrogenous (an- aristocrat educated with the most fervent ideas of the Enlightment- who become a popular nation heroine) successfully impeded a landing of a squadron of the Ottoman fleet in 1822. They participated actively in the war, with four armed ships (two of the totally outfitted and supplied at Lady Mando’s expenses ; before the war over she had spend almost all of her, considerable, family fortune).

After the establishment of the modem Greek State, the activity of the local upper- and lower- middle class revived the island economy through the consolidate of trade relations with south Russia, Moldavia and Walachia. Mykonian merchants were established in Constantinople, Smyrna, Alexandria, Syros, Livorno and Marseilles. The predominance of stream technology over the traditional commerce of the sailing ships, at the end of the 19th century, the subsequent opening of the Corinth Canal

(1904) and the upheavals of World War I resulted in a depression of the local economy; many Myconians left to find work abroad (mainly in US) and in the going centers of mainland Greece (Piraeus, Athens). The development of tourism in the following decades has provided a means of the islands’ economy development

The prolonged excavations of the French School of Archeology, begun in Delas in 1873, focused attention on the region- at least that the happy few who, attracted by the charm of classical Greece, had the means and the opportunity to travel. In the early 30s already, many famous artists, politicians and wealthy people, mainly from Europe, began spending vacation on the island, attracted by its unique atmosphere. Mykonos has adapted well to the post-war situation and the gradual growth of the tourism industry in south Europe: the island has turned into a cosmopolitan locale and is one of the most successful growth – models, of its type and scale in Europe.

Through the Centuries

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Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos

Another morning has dawned on the white-decorated Mykonos. The pearl of the Cyclades has woken up and it’s getting ready for a new day. And thus, we start our next excursion, the Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos. So, after we have our breakfast at the hotel, we depart by car for the beach of Ornos, where our vessel is located, so that we may begin our journey and explore the beaches of Mykonos.

The Beach Safari is a cruise to the best southern beaches of the island. Starting with Ornos beach, where we drop anchor, continuing with Psarrou beach, sailing to the beach of Agia Anna, cruising to the Cape of Scorpio, then Paraga beach, the Paradise, the Super Paradise, the Agrari and lastly the beach of Elia. But, let us begin our journey from Ornos.

The beach of Ornos is located in front of the homonymous small fishing village, about 2.5 kilometers south of the Town of Mykonos and is the closest beach of Mykonos. Currently, it is one of the busiest places on the island. From this beach, we begin our adventure, the Beach Safari, and we head to Psarrou.

Sailing towards Psarrou beach, which is famous for attracting many celebrities from all around the world. It is a well-organized sandy beach with crystalline waters and manages to attract thousands of visitors each summer. There, we will also find the distinguished beach restaurant Nammos.

Arriving at Agia Anna beach we come across a tranquil sandy beach. The luxurious restaurant-bar: Agia Anna Restaurant-Bar.

Continuing with Paraga beach, where we are greeted by the Cape of Scorpio. There, we meet the well-known “Scorpio”, another restaurant, which is built with the Ancient Agora as a basis. A bustling, expensive place where many celebrities sunbathe, dine and drink.

After Paraga Beach we arrive at Paradise, which is famous for the best parties of the Mediterranean. It is almost 6 kilometers away from Mykonos Town and it is one of the well-known beaches in Greece. The beach always manages to mesmerize the youth, famous or not and is available day and night.

A bit further away we can find Super Paradise which, along with Paradise, create the “This is party time” vibe in Mykonos. All the young people in the world wish, at least for once in their lifetimes, to find themselves in a party in the area, where they will meet seductive figures dancing on the bar under the sounds of many hits of the international music scene.

The beaches Agrari and Elia are the last beaches that we will visit, there we will find contrast. Two beaches, one close to the other, but so different. Agrari beach is calmer, not so well-known but well enough organized, in contrast with the famous Elia beach,  recommended for underwater diving, which is very well-coordinated with many beach umbrellas and deckchairs. The beach of Elia offers a variety of choices for good food and coffee. Also, it features facilities for water sports. It is a lot quieter relatively to Paradise and Super Paradise.

At the end of our trip and if the weather permits it, we will make one last stop. We will anchor at Little Venice to enjoy the scarlet red sunset. Little Venice consists of houses of many colors with their foundations laid at the water’s edge. When the sun sets in the sea, the golden-crimson rays make these mansions look fairytale-like. It is truly an astonishing spectacle that will compensate us for any discomfort or weariness that we feel.

With this otherworldly experience, our excursion comes to an end. We wait for you to enjoy it this summer.

Beach Safari at the beaches of Mykonos

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From Yachts History to Boat Trips in Mykonos

The evolution of yachts through the ages. Let’s dive into centuries and learn…

Yachts, originating from the Dutch term “Jagen”, which means “chase” or “hunt”, the word yacht usually refers to a small, agile vessel that is excellent for small trips and quick crossings.

Initially, in distant history, many centuries back, that meant a fully equipped vessel, that was smaller than a pinnace but big enough to be fully decked. That type of vessel was initially used as a lightweight. Quick sailboat that the Dutch navy built to chase after pirates and transgressors around and inside the Low Countries’ Fjords, where the waters are shallow.

Yachts are vessels that have a deck and cabins. They pump little water and are ideal for short trips. But, tracing back from history the yachts were the vessels that many explorers of the 17th century chose. Spacious enough to accommodate many men, as well as supplies capable to sustain them and fresh produce to avoid scurvy. Those yachts were fast, agile and buoyant. Ideal for exploring uncharted waters. Not only were they exceptionally good as exploration vessels, but they played a crucial role in naval battles and wars.

Constructing a yacht is a sophisticated task that requires keeping a close watch. Great attention to detail and strong bonds between the shipyards and the designers.  Engineers so that when the task is complete, the yacht is exactly what the customer asked for, in every detail of it. To be seaworthy, nimble and fast.

Many people have a dream, to travel to the Mykonos with a private yacht, with the sun behind their backs and the turquoise sea shining like emeralds all around them.

By having a holiday resort in a certain place in the world, wherever that is, you are out of fashion. That place after some time becomes increasingly dull. Furthermore, let’s examine the possible climate limitations. The political stability (or instability) and the economy in the country that formerly you fell in love with and decided to build or purchase a holiday resort in. Many people nowadays invest in yachts either by purchasing them or by renting them, for their vacation. This buoyant cottage is mobile and can accommodate whole families. Enabling them to witness the world with their loved ones and with the amenities of a 5-star floating hotel.

In the most beautiful jewel of the Cyclades is where you will find our company. Among others and you will prefer us because we can give you exactly what you ask for. Whatever you want and however you want it. In Mykonos, the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean, we are certain that we can fulfill your every wish. So, we wait for you, for another summer to make your vacation dreamy and fulfilling, by renting our yachts.

From Yachts History to Boat Trips in Mykonos


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